A Little About Us 

Allow me, Trish, to introduce us. We are three widows that came together quite naturally. We didn’t meet at a grief meeting. It just so happens Peggy is a neighbor of my daughter Räna, who introduced us when Peggy had been a widow for about eighteen months and I was still married.  We both practice and teach well-being and healthy living. It only seemed natural to invite Jennifer, a friend of mine into our developing writing group, as she shares our interests.



Trish recognized her soul mate the moment she met Robert while he was fulfilling an internship requirement for his degree in Behavioral Science at a youth service bureau in a suburb of Chicago while she was facilitating a volunteer training at the same facility. They discovered they had much in common. They shared a love of nature and practiced meditation.  They both studied the philosophy of Taoism.


The two fell in love and became engaged in just a little over a month.  Five months later, they got married in a park-like, wooded area in a suburb of Chicago in May of 1978.  In April of 1979, their daughter, Räna was born.  Their love of adventure took the young family to the mountains of western North Carolina where their son Justin was born twenty-one months after their daughter.  Once back in the Chicago area, Trish and her family stayed there for another seven years. There, Trish taught meditation and gave presentations and workshops on stress reduction techniques.  A few short years later, she studied hypnosis and opened a practice. 

Their love of adventure tugged at their heartstrings once again, and a move to Albuquerque, New Mexico was in order in 1989.  While Robert settled into his position as the Director of a behavioral health program at the Pueblo of Laguna, Trish opened up her hypnosis practice and continued with stress reduction workshops.  While preparing for a workshop, she was given the gift from her higher conscious, the visual model of harmony and balance that became the cornerstone for her subsequent workshops and the theme for her forthcoming book on the subject. 


Trish had the unique opportunity to be trained as a trainer alongside Robert at the Pueblo of Laguna, for subsequent workshops that followed which focused on the indigenous model called, Gathering of Native Americans (GONA).  The GONA model facilitates mental/emotional healing by teaching the participant how to incorporate the foundation of the model, the 4-Stages of Life, to bring harmony and balance into one’s everyday life.


As an accomplished practitioner of hypnosis, the study of the mind, combined with her quest to better understand the human condition, including her own, Trish began to meditate to remain open and receptive to finding a unified method of healing that combined the mind, body and spirit—a method that she could weave into her lifelong studies of Taoism, meditation and stress reduction, her continually evolving understanding of harmony and balance, and the 4-Stages of Life.  Thus, she was led to the ancient healing art and science of Reiki.  She opened the Kurama Institute of Natural Healing to teach Reiki to health care professionals to help them combine Western allopathic medicine with Eastern natural healing.


As Trish and Robert began to explore the options for their second half of life, a new livelihood that mirrored the 4th Stage of Life—“Generosity,” or the giving back to the community—they settled on combining their lifelong experiences and founded the North Campus Community Project, a grassroots, multigenerational, and all neighbor-volunteer nonprofit organization designed to build a more sustainable and thriving community for the twenty-first Century.


After 36 years of marriage, Robert passed away in August of 2014. Between the grieving periods, Trish began her quest of creating her new identity and building upon the work she and Robert had started together.


Currently, Trish is involved with the City of Albuquerque’s Age-Friendly movement, a movement originally founded by the World Health Organization designed to help cities create a positive and healthy environment for all ages in the twenty-first Century. Trish helped Albuquerque receive the highly-coveted designation of Age-Friendly status.


Trish was recently featured in a documentary on the theme of mind, body and spirit.

In addition to preparing for the release of the harmony balance book, she is currently working on a manuscript consisting of a collection of short stories based on conversations between a grandfather and his grandson set in the future, during the new Age of Alignment. Also, she facilitates a workshop on healing, Rediscovering Harmony & Balance After Grief


Trish is available for speaking and workshops at: trish@wonderwidows.com



Peggy married her prince charming in 1970 when she was 18 years old. She was spending the summer of 1969 in the Bedford, Massachusetts area where her father had been transferred to with the Raytheon Company job in January 1969. When her father moved east, Peggy, her mother, and younger brother and sister stayed in southern NM until the school year ended in May. After a month or two of exploring the beautiful eastern states and visiting relatives in New York, Peggy decided to get a summer job at Raytheon, and that is where she met a handsome young man who had completed his tour with the Navy and taken a job at Raytheon.


Peggy became a widow when Dan died unexpectedly while Peggy was out of town on business. They had happily celebrated their 42nd anniversary the week before.


While married, Peggy spent many years as a stay-at-home mom, taking care of hearth, home, and children. Her interest in complementary healing modalities began around age five and was woven into her busy life as wife and mother. Eventually, as the nest thinned and emptied, Peggy’s interest in learning and sharing natural healing methods received more focus, grew into a massage practice, and then blossomed into a thriving business which highlights the use of superior quality essential oils for therapeutic purposes. She feels she ‘has the best job in the world because she gets rewarded for being nice to people and helping them enjoy life more fully.


Peggy and Dan lived in Chelmsford, MA; Albuquerque, NM; and before Tehran, Iran; back to Albuquerque; Evergreen, CO; and finally decided to return to Albuquerque to finish raising their three sons and eventually retire from working. Life took its sudden turn and the retirement plan did not happen, but Albuquerque provides a friendly and good environment for Peggy to create her new chapter of life.


For further information, Peggy can be contacted at: peggy@wonderwidows.com

Jennifer met her soul mate and eloped on April Fools Day of 2004.  Jennifer was thirty-one and hailed from Orange, Texas, and Chuck was forty-six, residing in Fort Stockton, Texas, near Austin. Their journey took the two to Albuquerque because Jennifer wanted to study under Doctor Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute. Dr. Lad’s books kept appearing in her path and guiding her to Albuquerque.  Jennifer was passionate about understanding the connection between the mind, body, and spirit.


Jennifer is a certified lifestyle consultant. She is also certified in Ayuryoga, which enables her to customize lifestyle changes per individual need.


After Chuck’s death in 2010, Jennifer studied postpartum Ayurvedic, Doula work along with massage therapy and received certification as a Core Synchronization therapist. The latter half of her studies occurred because of her experience with Chuck’s death and her need to provide information and paths for others that have experienced various forms of challenge in their life.

To contact Jennifer: jennifer@wonderwidows.com

The Birth of the Wonder Widows

During the next two years after the passing of my husband, Bob, I joined with Peggy and Jennifer and we began to meet at the round dining table in Peggy’s home and the three of us not only began a new journey of writing the Wonder Widows book, but one of shared tears, laughter, healing and friendship while discovering joy in life, once again. After all, no one understands a widow better than another widow!


It was during one of the conversations when Peggy asked a question that created a turning point for the direction of the book, “After family and friends return to their busy lives, the beautiful condolence flowers wither and dry up, we find ourselves alone…what then? We began seeing the book take on an additional purpose—we knew we wanted to let other widows know they aren’t alone. Thus, the birth of the Wonder Widows—empowering women to break the silence of widowhood!

While we recognized the depth of true human emotions, we also recognized we didn’t want to get stuck in the sadness and drag it into our future lives. We knew processing grief and mourning wasn’t the destination; it was simply a necessary part of the journey of our lives.


From tragedy and loss, we have learned to thrive, and we want to help you thrive as well.

"This is the power of gathering: it inspires us - delightfully - to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive."

- Alice Waters


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