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Women have an innate desire and talent for nurturing one another through joys and sorrows. Join Peggy and Trish, and come share experiences and stories about widowhood. Be a part of the widowhood, inspire one another to better understand the process, and leave with a sense of camaraderie, comfort, and understanding like never before. We also welcome your supportive friends and family to join us as well.


Join us on a healing 7-day cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Sea 5-star cruise for our interactive workshop, Breaking the Silence of Widowhood March 10, 2019. For more information or to sign up, click here - don't worry, there's no commitment!

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Two groups of 8 lucky participants will win a dinner at the roundtable with Trish and Peggy aboard the Oasis of the Sea.  Enjoy real conversation, share your story and meet new people in an intimate setting. Indulge in great food, amazing company and make new friends. To enter, you must sign up for the cruise using the link below. Click here for giveaway rules



What is a Bereavement cruise?

Peggy and Trish, along with 18 other grief professionals, will be presenting healing workshops, seminars, and many other group activities for those who are grieving and for their supportive family and friends on the Journey of Hope, Healing, and Health Bereavement Cruise. The Bereavement Cruise honors all types of losses due to death.


When should I be planning to take this cruise and can I bring my kids?

Just in the nick of time when we all want to feel the rejuvenating warmth of the sun, the cool ocean breeze and lots of TLC. The Journey of Hope, Healing, and Health sets sail March

3rd -10th 2019. Kids are definitely welcome aboard the Oasis of the Sea with many of the activities tailored for their entertainment. Daycare is also available; click here to read actual daycare experiences. Also, click here for some of the kid-friendly cruise activities.

Please note, workshop participants must be at least 18 years old to attend.


Where is this wonderful sounding cruise sailing?

Beautiful port o' calls include setting sail from Port Canaveral, Florida, then to Labadee, the island just north of Haiti, privately owned by Royal Caribbean. Next we sail to Falmouth, Jamaica, and then to Cozumel, Mexico. Already feeling more relaxed? Click here to see the map.


What happens on the Journey of Hope, Healing, and Health Bereavement Cruise?

Besides the professional workshops and seminars while we are at sea, there will be small group activities called Circles of Hope in the evening.  You will find Peggy and Trish available in one of the smaller and more intimate group settings after the workshops have concluded for the day. There will be art activities, group activities, scheduled “remembrance walks under the stars”, mindfulness meditations, yoga, and Reiki – all designed to support your healing journey.  You will also have the option to scatter a loved one’s ashes at sea. The bonus of being on this cruise will be the many new friends you will make during the 7 days. You will feel a part of a very special loving, inclusive, and supportive community.


Will I be able to choose the workshops I want to attend or do I need to attend them all?

You can sign up for one workshop or you can sign up for them all! For a list of all the workshops and a brief description, please click here.


Who are the presenters besides Wonder Widows, Trish and Peggy?

Please click here for a complete list of presenters.


I’ve been in grief for only a couple of months. Is it too soon for me to attend?

It’s never too soon to support your healing journey!  By all means, join us! 


I’ve been a widow for many years. Is it too late for me to join the Bereavement Cruise?

It’s never too late to attend.  This is a wonderful opportunity to find support amongst others and perhaps, by sharing your experiences, support others. 


What will there be to do besides the workshops, seminars and other planned activities?

We understand that a part of the healing journey includes nourishment in other forms – Food & Fun! The many amenities aboard the ship will easily fill your time in between workshops and in the later evenings. This is a true “foodie’s” cruise! From fine dining to grab & go to room service, Oasis of the Sea has you covered. Plus, activities from rock climbing, outdoor movie night, a sushi making class, a cupcake making class, dance classes, Cats, the Broadway musical, and oh gosh, the list goes on! Those 7 days will whiz right by. There will also be off-ship excursions for your additional travel pleasure while in Labadee, Falmouth and Cozumel.  You may even find us on the beach soaking up the sunshine! Grab a beach towel and join us! Click here for a great video about the activities aboard the Oasis of the Sea Cruise.


How much does the cruise and workshop cost?

The Bereavement Cruise workshop fee is $300. There is a separate cost for a stateroom aboard the Oasis of the Seas. Staterooms vary in price based on their location on the ship and prices change as the departure date draws closer. The staterooms fill up quickly, so book soon! Please click here to apply for more information.


Can I sign up for more information without having to make a commitment to book?

Yes, absolutely! Please visit to apply for more information. A deposit will not be required until you are ready to book. 


Is your question not answered above? Check out the Bereavement Cruise

website links for more info below!

Please contact Linda Findlay for further information about pricing and other accommodations.

Cruise Itinerary

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Quick Tour of the Oasis of the Seas
Full-Length Tour of the Oasis of the Seas
Linda Findlay, Founder of Journey of Hope, Healing, & Health
Coming Soon: Wonder Widows Podcast



Authors • Speakers • Advocates • Friends

Trish Comer and Peggy Langenwalter are the Co-authors of Wonder Widows: Three JenniGrieving Widows Coming Together to Empower Women to Break the Silence of Widowhood.


Jennifer Cox Horak, holistic practitioner and mother of two, is a contributing author and rounds out the Wonder Widows trio. 


Trish is a holistic practitioner and instructor for over 35 years in the arts of Reiki, mindfulness meditation, and hypnosis; all designed to promote harmony and balance. Trish was recently featured in a documentary on mind, body, and spirit. She also has a forthcoming book based on harmony and balance. After having planned a very rich and fulfilling second-half of life together with her husband of 36 years, Robert. He passed away after a quick and painful illness in August of 2014. 


Peggy, drawn to natural healing modalities since childhood, incorporated a thriving massage practice for over 20 years into her busy life as a dedicated wife and mother of three.  Since 1996, Peggy has also taught the benefits of using essential oils and is a certified application instructor. She and her husband Dan had just celebrated their 42nd anniversary and were happy with how their golden-years plan was progressing. A life-altering shift happened the day Dan suddenly passed away with no warning. It happened in an instant and Peggy and sons faced a new world without their steady rock. After the initial heartache and embracing the grief process, they have been honoring Dan by consciously and deliberately carrying on with life, appreciating every precious moment. Her philosophy of serving others has played a large part in her desire to share this book with new widows as a way to help them navigate this new path and realize they can once again experience joy after loss. 




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