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Welcome to Wonder Widows

Much like most major life events, widowhood didn’t come with a manual. What it did come with for Peggy, Jennifer and myself, was a new found friendship and support between the three of us authors of Wonder Widows-Three Grieving Widows Coming Together to Empower Women to Break the Silence of Widowhood. As a friend, we are here to provide you support, inspiration and camaraderie. Welcome to the Wonder Widows community!

We know your time is valuable, but please allow me to give a brief introduction about us.

After forty two years of marriage, Peggy lost her husband Dan in 2012, when he fell from a ladder while she was out of town on business. Jennifer was pregnant with their second child when her husband Chuck, passed from pancreatic cancer in 2010. And then there is me, Trish. After thirty six years of marriage, Bob passed away from a grave illness that couldn’t be diagnosed with certainty in 2014.

During the past two years, Peggy, Jennifer and I began to meet in the comfort of Peggy’s home around her dining table, and the three of us not only began a new journey of writing the Wonder Widows book, but one of shared tears, laughter, healing and friendship while rediscovering the joy in life, once again.

No one understands a widow better than another widow! It was during one of our conversations when Peggy asked a question that created a turning point for the direction of the book, “After family and friends return to their busy lives, the beautiful condolence flowers wither and dry up, and we find ourselves alone…what then?” We began seeing our book taking on an additional purpose – we knew we wanted to let other widows know they aren’t alone. Thus, the birth of the Wonder Widows -empowering women to break the silence of widowhood!

Each blog will contain a nugget of wisdom, or perhaps a little humor or tears at times as stories are shared, but we encourage you to join in the conversation. Come, sit at the table with us! And, on your way over, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and while it’s cooling, get comfy as we encourage you to join in the conversation.

Please feel free to offer your thoughts, questions or stories.

We are here for you as you are for us!

Know you’re loved!



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